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Our Focus Technologies

We know that finding the right IT advisor is like “discovering the needle in the haystack” as your IT outsourcing partner. With this insight and supported by our decade-long experience, we’re bringing consultants focused on delivering your projects, not filling out time sheets to construct our bottom line

The benefits of employing contract staff outweigh the benefits of employing full-time staff for most of our customers. Many discover that contract staff meet fluctuating requirements best and do not incur any human resource or payroll and benefit costs.


Technologies used

1. WEB


With over 35 Java expert, who are strong in latest and up=-to-date Java Technologies are a part o the team. All the experienced in Kony, J2EE, J2ME, JSP or Serlet Programming and Object-oriencted analysis. The design tools used are UML, RDBMS, SQL Statements, XML and IDE Tools. Other technologies used are BEW Weblogic Workshop, Borland JBuilder, Eclipse, Ajax, JSP/Servlet and Struts


Emitt has more than 30 advisors with ASP. Net or VB.Net or C#.Net and integrate with various client-based databases in ASP, JSP and PHP environments. We have advisors with various expertise on the platform such as MSOffice365, MSDynamics365, Sharepoint, Yammer, Azure, MSDynamics Suite (NAV, AX, GP, SL, C5,CRM) etc. We serve various domains and sizes customers.


Emitt uses state-of – the-art tools, frameworks and SDKs to design and create cross-platform app development with a broad spectrum of mobile devices and operating systems such as iOS and Android devices from Apple. Emitt has over 30 expert advisors in Angular, Hybrid Development, IOS and Android Native Apps

Your company's VALUE OF IT Outsourcing

The IT landscape is changing rapidly, and with every new technology you need to stay ahead in the marketplace, IT departments can not retrain their employees. We know the conundrum – with the abilities you need to deliver your project, we employ intelligent individuals.

How do we help you?

1. We develop a workforce plan for you with the correct individuals with the correct approach, abilities and abilities
whenever and wherever you need them
2. Multi cultural and international level of consultants are available on demand with diverse skillsets
3. Partner with us in bringing individuals together for job with enthusiasm.